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I recently ran across Joanna Laven’s work and immediately was attracted to this stunning dreamy neutral apartment. All of her work is simply amazing but lately, I’m very into light interiors. This apartment is dripping in contemporary design, bright whites, and beautiful neutral tones. The architecture alone is worth looking at! Just wait until you see all of the incredible furniture throughout this apartment.

First up, is a view of the living room, dining room, and a hint of the kitchen. This shot really sums up the beautiful color palette, textures, and various furniture shapes. The architecture is on full display here! The molding and ceiling are phenomenal. 

This hint of the living room is calling me! The soft off-white carpet works with ease with the rest of the room. The variety of warm wood tables and trinkets adds a perfect touch of personality to the space. The black chair and warm-toned chair are so different in shape but so pleasing together.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is made of dreams! The high ceilings and paneling/molding work perfectly together. The off white color on the walls creates a super subtle color range with the white ceiling and white cabinets. The marble accents are absolutely divine! Plus the warm wood floors, table, and chandelier help warm this space up. 

Next up in this Dreamy Neutral Apartment is a wide view of the dining room and kitchen. I love the warm wood oval table and chair – especially that its paired with a lively plant. The marble island is the highlight of this shot. The various lights and darks are absolutely beautiful.

Can we just talk about these floors! These wood floors are amazing. The varying warm tones add so much depth and warmth to this room. I love the somewhat open feeling between the kitchen and living room. Also, the kitchen has almost a circular effect that makes it feel warm.

All Photos + Design Via: Joanna Laven 

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