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Let’s travel to Scotland…How gorgeous is this gothic greenhouse! As some of you already know my two favorite things are: travel and castles! The architectural details of castles are unique and tell their own story. This gothic greenhouse was originally a boiler room. It was specifically known to grow camellia flowers. That is how it got its name. You can find this greenhouse on the property of the Culzean Castle. This castle was owned by David Kennedy. He was the 10th Earl of Cassilis. He had the castle reconstructed in 1792. The transformation took 15 years to finally complete. 

Some of you have already seen a sneak peak of this greenhouse on my Instagram. This greenhouse is stunning. I wanted to show you more of the architectural details throughout this structure. Especially the two-story windows that allow natural light from all angles. The property has vibrant formal gardens. And unique archways that flow from one room to another. I cannot wait to travel to Scotland to tour old castles. It is an amazing experience to explore other countries and learn about the history of the buildings.  Apart from being a beautiful country. Scotland is a wonderful place full of art, history, and culture.

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